PSSSST! Hey Edster!

It's us, the former Just-a-Dogs. Actually, it's Chilli - remember me, I'm the most annoying-LOL. Thanks for getting the Messiah to give us the prime rib stuff. It worked! We have our souls back now too, and see the future, and it's awesome. Totally rad! BTW, The Cruiser says I have been hanging around the Petter too much - I write like a California girl on e-steroids.
The Petter brought me to work with her today because I have to go to the dog doctor for a shot, so while she's on what she calls a coffee break I'm using her computer.
Hey, Mom and Dad, who you call the Cruiser and the Petter, they're talking a lot of trash about how you're not like you were before you left here. They say that you don't care about saving the Hellmouth, where we still have to live. Heck, we can't even keep up with the demons that infest the yard. I mean, your training was good, but there is only so much Holy Water we can squirt out in any given day, even when we replenish all the time.

We had some little one-eyed Chihuahua tart prancing around the yard the other day, and she got seven spots we had missed in just about 10 minutes. If she could find those WITHOUT your training, just imagine the horrible state the yard is in. You can't abandon us now! You're the future, man!
So we need ya back, good buddy. I bet they didn't even give you those potato chips they told you about to lure you back. I'd bet five dog treats on that! Humans are like that - lying through their inadequate omnivore teeth.
So I tell you what. We got with the Messiah, and she bought a case of potato chips (we can't use cash, even thought we are now dogpeople - still no opposable thumbs and too short to get to the register counter), and Mom wrote your name on them in Sharpie. That won't come off - I know, cuz they do my toenails with it sometimes! LOL. We're yer friends-wedon't lie. So come on back, Dude - we miss ya here.

Write back, 'K? Better yet, just show up.
We're keeping yer spot on the bed warm...

Chilli, Neeze and The Singe

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