Eddie achieves clarity about destiny

'Sup, Dudes?

I'm so down with bein' here – it's phat! Can't believe I had issues.
The Cruiser (can you believe I thought he was getting bogus with my person? Whoa! But now he and me are like that [snap of claws is heard] and I am so cool with his thang. 
Planet California will see it, too, totally. The do we had the other day for St. Vigeous brought it all home. The plan is crystal.
So the Codex is right -- on the third day after the Feast, we gotta score in a cross-dimensional hood before we leave Sunday for the Planet. Dude says something about bringin' sandworms-I dunno why he gotta score those bad muthahs, but the Cruiser ain't bin wrong yet.

'Told the Cruiser 'bout your plan to jam him up when we cross dimensions. Not! He says, whatever, no soul no problem. Ain't happenin'. 
I'm doin' one thing for the Cruiser, the Petter and the She-Pup. Whoa, the She-Pup...she's my Shorty! Me and my posse are protectin' the Mundito by major distribution of Holy Water. We're all down with that now. The crew works together. How could I have dissed them? And the Petter – she rocks! Now she and I share a pillow every night. Can she come back with me?
Like, Planet California will be tight like the Mundito. We been watchin' Star Trek, that dude said it all…"The Borg Posse will add yer biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Yer culture will adapt to service ours. Resistance is futile"
No fear! Me and the Cruiser are headin' yer way.

-- Edster

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