Upon arriving at Mundito Stiegler, and being taken behind the iron bars that separate the Mundito from the surrounding desert of the HellMouth, I was immediately thrust into confrontation with the other members of the Mundito.
First were the justadogs. Now, I hate to sound prejudiced, but we all know that there are two kinds of dogs: there are dogpeople like you and me, and then there are the justadogs that run around barking all the time. There are three justadogs here, St John (which they pronounce "Sinjin" with their tyrant noses in the air), Neo, and Chilli. St John and Neo are typical justadogs, much taller then I am. Of course, since I am a much bigger dog than either of them, I can easily dominate them by looking up at them.
The Chilli justadog is a bit more difficult to dominate. This justadog is short, so short that the only way I can get into a dominating lower position is to roll over on my back, a position from which I can than look up at her ... unless she rolls over on her back as well, which she has the unfortunate tendency to do quite often.
The introductions to the justadogs were going smoothly as I demonstrated my dogpeople status when up rushed the Tyrant-Kidnapper's Mate, the Petter-Torturer. That night after we arrived from our weeks long journey, she took one look at me and started talking to me in an affectionate voice like she knew me – can you imagine?  Then she grabbed me and hugged me.
I was immediately introduced to one of the standard tortures of the Mundito. She initiated the Multi-Petter Torture.
I know you are unfamiliar with these kinds of horrors, but it is important that you understand the direst aspects of my situation. Allow me to describe the Multi-Petter Torture. The victim is held down, often on his back, while multiple petters (at least two, but up to six) are applied vigorously to the body. The goal is to drive all coherent thought from the mind of the victim, thereby breaking his will. The effects can be seen in the justadogs here, which have been subjected to this assault on the senses repeatedly, until they can no longer distinguish this agony from pleasure.
The Petter-Torturer went to work with determination. I was driven near-delirious, but through a strict combination of concentration and meditation was able to cling to sanity. Knowing that resistance at that time was futile, I held my attack powers in check, and maintained stoic silence, while the Petter-Torturer did her worst.
Later, she swooped me up onto the main bed used by the Tyrant-Kidnapper and herself. I escaped before another round of Multi-Petter Torture could be initiated, but the trip had shown me an important strategic location. From the main bed one has a good view in many directions. I now leap onto the bed often, usually when they are not around, to maintain an alert study of the environs in a further attempt to collect information helpful to you, my rescuers.
Also, in an attempt to keep my captors off-balance, at one point I hopped onto their bed, pointed my nether regions in the direction of the Tyrant-Kidnapper and his Mate, and gave them several particularly aromatic blasts.  That got them -- I hopped off again before they could pet me. A lone moment of satisfaction in an otherwise desolate world with little triumph.
During one of these trips I was able to sneak in some time on the Petter-Torturer's computer, and thus get this email off to you.

Eddie (I so far resist all attempt to summon me by use of the diminutive "Edster")

Eddie and the Just-a-dogs
Two torturers - can you believe this?

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