Yes, it's me, Eddie. I'm back. The Edster has been cast out.

Your interpretation of the Codex was almost correct. When the Tyrant-Kidnapper and I jumped across dimensions, he was struck by a white light. But it was not his soul coming back. Rather, it was another demon trying to take possession of his body. The Tyrant shook his head, muttered something like, "Janus, my demon's been looking for a good fight", and started to phase in and out of existence.

While the Cruiser was distracted by the demons fighting for possession of his body, another white light leaped into me.

When you read the Codex, you had thought that the Cruiser would get back his soul. But that was an error. It was not the Cruiser who regained his dogpeopleness. It was me.

Too shaken by the demon battle to complete the trip, the Cruiser brought us back to the Mundito without collecting the sandworms needed to transform Planet California into an extension of the HellMouth. The Tyrant-Kidnapper's plans have been delayed. But he does not yet realize how long that delay will be, for I and the Messiah have worked out a plan.

The Cruiser does not know I have my soul back. I have persuaded him to make a trip to Planet California -- he believes that you two would make fine minions, and I have persuaded him that, together, we can turn you. He does not realize that, when we arrive, I will join forces with you to drive him off. I'm sure that the three of us will succeed, powerful though he may be.

But do not expect to destroy him or vanquish him. He is too powerful for that. And besides, it is not necessary. The Messiah has told me the Cruiser's fate, now that his planned conquest has unraveled. His destiny is both dark and wondrous.

You see, the Cruiser does have a soul, but it is neither bound to his body nor floating free. Rather, his soul is bound to the Cruise, the trip between Mundito and California. His soul is bound so tightly to the journey that he knows naught, and can never know, which part of the trip be Hell, and which be Heaven. Thus is he trapped in a world between the worlds, there to endure until the end of days.

Meanwhile, the Messiah, upon studying how my own soul was returned to me, has learned how to return the souls to the justadogs here at the Mundito. As soon as I and the Cruiser have departed for Planet California, she will mix the special blend of herbs and prime rib needed to give the justadogs back their dogpeople natures. By the time the Cruiser returns to the Mundito, the justadogs will rule. Without the Mundito as a base of operations, the Cruiser's plans are destroyed. Planet California is safe.

With the training I have given them, the justadogs are now able to hold off the Satanic forces even here in the HellMouth. With the strength of the Messiah to help them, the Mundito will be fine.

My work here is done.

I myself have been changed by my journey. When first I came here, I thought the HellMouth to be a barren and desolate place. I look up now into the hills filled with werewolves, and see a stark, austere beauty. I cannot think of the Tyrant-Kidnapper as merely an evil demon. The world is not so simple, and neither, now, am I.

Am I still myself, even after my time as the Edster? Can I change so much and still be me? I believe the answer is yes. I am still Eddie; I am all I have ever been, and more. And as I continue to change with every new day's adventures, I will still be me, no matter how much more I may become.

The Cruiser and I leave in a few minutes. I know not how long the journey will take, only that at the end of it, we shall be reunited.

I shall see you soon.





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