A Letter from Home!

----- from Mark Miller to Eddie ------

Subject: A Pleasant Pattern to show Eddie

Hi MarcS,

No need to read the text following the dashes below. They are only a pleasant pattern with no meaning to show Eddie. He likes to look at patterns of ASCII characters.


Hi Eddie,

Hopefully MarcS was fooled by our devious instructions above, and you are now reading this on his screen.

We got your message. We have not yet received the ransom letter. We don't know where you are.

Since you experienced weeks of prolonged sunshine, we are now searching for you in Norway. But Norway doesn't fit any of the rest of your description. We fear you are in a hell dimension. Dog years may pass for you in only two weeks of real time. But do not despair. We know it is possible to return from a hell dimension.

We have sent the call out to techno pagans across the internet to help us in our search for you. Please continue to notice clues. Most important -- does your dimension have any shrimp?

It's great that you can send pictures. Does Tyrant-Kidnapper have any minions? Are there any other dogpeople in captivity with you? Can you send photos of them as well?

And please, always remember, you're not nobody. You'll always be our dawg.


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