Marc has retired as well, although that doesn't mean he's not involved with computing. He's currently re-writing DecideRight, our award-winning decision support program, to be a web application - watch for it in Fall 2015. Marc's endeavors still involve capability-based security, which could be used as a defense against any kind of cyber-terrorism, foreign or domestic. You can read the first book about E, a capability-security programming language developed by Mark S. Miller and Marc Stiegler with the assistance of the e-lang list, as well as many other topics of interest on his page.

Marc's Diatribe 2012 - Romney vs. Obama




Lynne is joyfully retired at last! She is currently playing with Collage art and acrylic paints, watercolors, jewelry, in fact arts of all kinds. Who knows what's next, with Lynne? She also (still) reads a lot, in between playing with her grandson, volunteering for several organizations and (finally) playing bridge with her Mamacita regularly! And, she has a presence on the following sites. You can find her there!