Eddie and the Cruiser (back to skyhunter.com)

In July 2008, one of the most heinous crimes ever known to dog-kind took place on an alien planet called the HellMouth. Eddie, an intrepid beagle who formerly lived happily with his MommaDad in Silicon Valley, California, was ripped from the loving arms of his family and for two weeks, plunged into despair. Dognapped!

The perpetrators were, as often happens in these things, friends of the family. Eddie knew them, and trusted them. But, as others have found to their chagrin, familiarity sometimes breeds contempt, and that is exactly what our Ed was exposed to.

The story has a happy ending, however. Eddie is now back with his family, a sadder but wiser beagle. He, understandably, no longer trusts so easily. But he knows now the fate of the world, if we do not fight...fight those who would turn the world into a giant wasteland, with no potato chips.

Here now is his story...

Sadly, there was no reply to the note from his friends. Maybe the experience changed him more than we think. But those who love him do not give up hope so lightly. Watch this space for future developments.

---Friends of Ed (9/30/08)

Eddie Lives! Updated 9/11/2009

A note to those who wonder at the occult references...the perpetrators are big fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other science fiction like Dune (sandworms). Just skip over those parts and forge onwards...